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Bill's BBQ Brisket Method

A lot of people ask me for advice on cooking methods and recipes, and I hesitate, because I believe it should be *your* flavor profile. With that said, here's what I made last night, and it was damn fine 'cue ;-)

For one quart of injection...enough for a 5 brisket flat, with room to spare.

Combine the following, then blend in a spice/coffee grinder until a consistent powder is achieved:

  • 38g (3TBS) Make it Meaty (one quart packet)
  • 22g (2TBS) 3 Eyz Beef Rub (*not* original)
  • 25g (3TBS) Simple Beef Yeast Extract

Add this powdered mixture to a quart of cold (40 degree) water and shake thoroughly. Inject in checkerboard pattern at one-inch intervals, soak with remainder in a Ziploc bag and refrigerate 6-10 hours.

Remove from Ziploc and rub with 3 Eyz Beef Rub. It's important not to mop off the excess marinade/injection before rubbing...that's important for bark formation.

You all may have more actual cooking experience than I do, but here's what worked well for me..

Cook with a ramped temperature from 225 to 275 degrees for roughly 9 hours over charcoal and hickory chunks. Wrap after 5 hours, remove wrap for last hour. Remove from smoker when tender to probe, about 180-190 degrees internal temperature, allow to rest.

Slice, then baste with the following:

Mix 2 parts Savory Premium and 1 part Simple Beef yeast extract in water, add garlic and other seasonings to taste.

Sauce with BBQ Bob's Hav'N a BBQ Sauce.

3 Eyz Beef Rub is available in our shop.