What to look for
​in a LARGE needle

About BBQ Injectors

Most injection needles have a single port at the tip. This can work for smaller needles, like a veterinary syringe, but with larger needles, unless you're very careful, you'll just end up punching a hole and filling that hole. What you want for large cuts of meat like beef brisket or pork shoulder is to get the liquid dispersed throughout the meat. For that, the best bet is a needle with side ports, like example A, below.

Our commercial-grade barbecue injector is our choice for pulled pork and brisket, and we looked high and low for a quality manufacturer. It's hand picked and guaranteed.  Made of copper, it's more durable than the zinc look-alikes out there.
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Many competition teams prefer to use veterinary syringes of about 50cc and about a 12 gauge needle. We don't sell these on account of the variety of restrictions in various states, but you can find them at Tractor Supply or any farm supply store that sells antibiotics and other farm-aceuticals (ha ha). 

One injection, any meat.
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