Food Grade Silica Gel Desiccant Packets for Food Storage

These one-gram silica-gel desiccant packets are perfect for spice jars, but use them whenever you want to keep moisture out and control the humidity in any container.

For long-term food storage, maintaining a dry environment is key, but all plastic transmits moisture. Silica-gel desiccants remove extra moisture to control humidity, keeping things like spices, sugar, salt or other items dry. For example, we use these ourselves in our Savory Premium and Simple Beef culinary flavors, since they are extremely hygroscopic.

For best moisture control, use mylar bags or glass jars, since these do not transmit moisture like plastic.

  • 50 individual packets
  • 1 gram size is good for about 100 cubic cm, or about 16 fl oz, depending on product and empty space
  • Food-grade packaging, FDA approved for use with food
  • Comes in resealable mylar bag

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$12.95 for a pack of 50, 1g packets - ships 1st Class Mail

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