Culinary Flavors and Injections for BBQ and more...

Make it Meaty is food technology for barbecue.

Make it Meaty works three ways:

  • Increases juiciness for better texture
  • Enhances flavors - all flavors
  • Adds savory notes of umami
  • Less expensive to use than other injections

Designed specifically for competition barbecue, Make it Meaty works on any meat. That's because it's designed to compliment and enhance your flavor profile, not replace it.

Meat enhancers need to be added in specific amounts to work best, but flavor is something you add to taste. Make it Meaty separates the enhancers from the flavors, so you can add as much or as little flavor as you like...or none at all.

For hints, tips and methods, check our directions page.

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BBQ Injection

One injection, any meat.

Make it Meaty was developed and tested by Bill Ames, a member of the Institute of Food Technologists. Our customers have achieved perfect scores of 180 and won numerous Grand Championships. Try it today!